Posted on 11:37 PM

As I sat here tonight....

By Lynette at 11:37 PM

I remembered my blog. Well, the LivingOTR actually redirects to the blogspot blog, but you get the picture!

We've had a lot going on lately. Trapper is back out on the road, but running regional. He's home on the weekends. He's been thinking about returning to OTR driving, but we're not quite sure of that just yet.

It's funny because he has applied with just about every company out there, who all want him to come drive for them, but there is NO WAY to compare apples to apples! Trucking is the industry unto itself!!!!!

One company pays .30 a mile, but they pay for health insurance coverage... the other pays .38 a mile and the health coverage is $120 a week.... so which is better? They both say they average 2500 miles a week, but we all know how those averages work, huh?

For me, I'm working from home now and I'm still finishing up my degree that I started while we were LivingOTR! I have 27 more weeks left! That's all!

I actually miss our days "out there". The picture that is on the front of the blog was one I took as we entered St. Lois. That trip we took the interstate closest to the city and I love that picture! I have many (well, 3000 to be exact) while we were out.

I may up the blog again and make it available as an ebook or something so if you guys and gals have a spouse or S.O. that is thinking of riding with you... you can get them to read the ebook first. Maybe I'll add some checklist of what you should and should NOT take! LOL

I appreciate all my readers. It was such fun doing this blog and I'm seriously considering starting more activity again!