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Funny Things

By Lynette at 1:21 AM

This is what worries me about bridges. Typically these trucks are 13' 6" tall... notice the truck in the picture... notice the space between the trailer and the bridge... notice the state sign that says the bridge height is 13' 8".... I was getting nervous until I saw how much space the other truck had.

The largest cross I've ever seen. Actually, I have seen only 3 of these across the USA...

Most all companies put "seals" on the trailers when we leave the dock with a shipment. Typically they are small plastic zip-tie looking things and then Trapper will put a padlock on the trailer. Evidentally, these cargo trailers are much different! The guard had to take a saws-all looking tool to cut this off the trailer so they could open the doors! And yes, he had his safety face shield on.

We ran out of paper towels so I asked Trapper to get some from the restroom in the truck stop and I would too. We were in a hurry and we didn't have time to stop and buy a roll... it's easier to use the ones in the restroom. We both return to the truck... I pull out my stack and he pulls out his.... I laughed until I cried.... his is on the left... mine is on the right...

The difference in men and women? He says no, that I'm just anal about things. I though it was funny. Actually I was really glad he remembered to grab a few!

You have to have a sense of humor out here!

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Feb 23... Tues.... Politics and Comments

By Lynette at 1:06 AM

Well... well.... we took a few days off and headed home. On our off time I neglect my blog...shame on me. I've been a little neglective lately, due to making the deicision to return to college. Um, yea... this time I might finish.

I noticed tonight when I signed-in I had a few comments. Some I had to delete, a couple I let through my barricade. I guess not everyone likes Glenn Beck. Maybe I'll write a persuasive article on Glenn Beck and everyone will then follow suit! I remember reading a saying once... Right Wing, Left Wing... they all came from the same chicken!

Anyway, we're back... sitting in Waco, TX tonight, yes... it snowed on us today as we came through Dallas and on southward. I usually like coming to Texas this time of year, but I think it was warmer this morning in Tennessee!

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Fri... Feb 5... Glenn Beck Explains it Better!

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My post yesterday was simply observations that I make while we travel the USA. Tonight, well... Glenn Beck explains it much better! Although he was comparing Texas and California (for the most part).

Why Progressive States Fail - Glenn Beck -

Sitting close to St. Louis, MO tonight watching the snow/ice/rain mixture fall. Glad we're not in DC! I hope they stocked up on more than milk and bread... like somehow to heat their homes, warm clothes, candles, etc. Two feet of snow, if the power goes out, could be out for awhile!

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Thurs... Feb 4.... Poor (Pure) Michigan

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The trip from Oklahoma to Taylor, MI was relatively uneventful. We arrived in Taylor, MI on Thursday and dropped our load. Someone will tote it across the border for us. After quick showers and a quick cleaning of the truck... we were beeped to go to Muskegon, MI and pick up a load that we will carry back to Waco, TX.

I haven't been in Michigan in months! I noticed they have changed their "Welcome" signs to say, "Welcome to Pure Michigan." I found that interesting and don't pretend to understand the meaning.

As we left the terminal in Taylor, we drove 6 miles down (what once was a bustling busy street) to the interstate. As we were driving I counted 4 restaurants (large national chains) that were closed, a mortgage business - closed, a real estate office - closed, one business in a strip mall - burned, a strip mall - vacant. All this was within a 6 mile trip.

Earlier we passed the Mazda plant. They probably have a 50 acre parking lot that maybe 50 cars were parked in. I guess this is the employee parking. Another large car plant sat empty. The car-carrier truck business next door - empty, but with a lot of car-carriers on the lot.

On the way to Muskegon I started looking for a truck-stop for the night. There aren't that many and the only one en-route was 60 miles before our destination. We opted for the rest area. As we pulled in I noticed there were only 3 trucks here. This is unusual. Normally trucks are fighting for space and lined down the entrance ramp!

Trapper and I had been talking about the economic status of Michigan and then it dawned on me... Michigan has been hurt probably the worst of any state. If people are not purchasing then there is no need for trucks to bring stuff. I guess this answers my question about why there is so much truck parking available!

I thought back to the welcome sign... I wonder if they almost changed it to "Poor Michigan". This could be "anywhere" USA. Seeing is believing and the news does not do a good job at portraying the correct picture of the states worst hit. Taylor, MI is on the very outskirt of Detroit and looks like it could soon be a ghost town.

A perfect contrast is Texas. We have criss-crossed Texas in the past few weeks and every where you look the shopping centers are full, restaurants are full, and help wanted signs are not "strange" to see. What exactly is it that Texas does that most other states don't?

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Mon... Feb 2.... Just Put Her Out!

By Lynette at 2:07 AM

We sat in San Antonio all day Sunday with 3 other company drivers. The waiting game! We were number 4 on the board the majority of the day.

As Trapper turned in for the night...knowing the beep was coming in the middle of the night... I sat up and did school work. Finally, around 1:30 a.m. I noticed one of our fellow drivers making his way slowly out of the parking lot. I waited....

The two beeps - signifying we had a pre-plan trip - happened around 2 a.m. The noise woke Trapper and I jumped into my part of this madness.... look at the messages, see where we're headed and what time we have to be there. I plan and he does the math!

As I read the "driver instructions" I noticed it said no pets allowed on the property. We were picking up at a chemical place at one of the ports in Texas. Ports are becoming more and more strict!

I read on... "no pets, passengers, children allowed. pets must be left at weigh in station".... there were several more instructions, 2 pages of driver's instructions. I brought this to Trapper's attention quickly and reminded him of the one instance where I sat in the gaurd shack and waited.

"Read that again," he asked.

"Hand me my phone, please."

A call to dispatch took place..... "I just received a pre-plan that does not allow passengers on the property. I have a passenger... she's been on the truck for a year and a half... did anyone notice this? Do we need to make other arrangements for this load?"

The dispatcher replied, "Hang on, I will check with the planner." (so he's holding, holding, holding.....)
"The planner said you are the only truck in the area and you will have to put her out."

"Put her out?????" he replied while laughing and speaking sarcastically, "I'm NOT putting her out!" (I'm relieved at this point!) Where do you want me to put her out at? And no, I'm not the only truck in the area... there are 2 more right beside me that don't have pets, children, or riders."

"I'll let you talk to the planner.," the dispatcher replied.

The load was unassigned immediately, while he was on hold.

What the planner failed to realize is that this actually worked out for everyone. The chemical company is very strict. They might not have let me sit in the guard shack, as I'm not a licensed driver and wasn't allowed on the property. If they had refused to load us, due to having a passenger (me) then the company would have had to send another truck there and the load would have been late, etc. The planner should have looked on the driver screen and picked the logical choice of trucks on the board.

Oh the rest of the driver's instructions, which I noticed later said.....

"Beware of alligators in the parking lot after dark!"

I'm glad I'm still in the truck and currently sitting in Oklahoma City, OK!