Posted on 1:06 AM

Feb 23... Tues.... Politics and Comments

By Lynette at 1:06 AM

Well... well.... we took a few days off and headed home. On our off time I neglect my blog...shame on me. I've been a little neglective lately, due to making the deicision to return to college. Um, yea... this time I might finish.

I noticed tonight when I signed-in I had a few comments. Some I had to delete, a couple I let through my barricade. I guess not everyone likes Glenn Beck. Maybe I'll write a persuasive article on Glenn Beck and everyone will then follow suit! I remember reading a saying once... Right Wing, Left Wing... they all came from the same chicken!

Anyway, we're back... sitting in Waco, TX tonight, yes... it snowed on us today as we came through Dallas and on southward. I usually like coming to Texas this time of year, but I think it was warmer this morning in Tennessee!