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Friday, August 29... We're Getting Close...

By Lynette at 11:38 PM

We are getting very close to making our debut on the road together. This is getting a little nervous I think, for both of us. A lot of changes coming. Hopefully, we're both just over thinking it. Maybe me more so than Trapper. I am more of the worrier... So, it looks like we are on the countdown now. Depends if CFI will cooperate and get him back towards the east coast. Guess it all depends on where the load is going!

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Thursday, August 28... Simply Boring!

By Lynette at 1:21 AM

Today was a boring day. Trapper made it to CA just to find out he's on the way back to El Paso, TX. Truck driving... you gotta love it! I remembered the name of the city... Moreno Valley, CA!

Here's the map...

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Wednesday, August 27... A Face Lift!

By Lynette at 1:08 AM

So the little blog has now changed names and had a face lift! I switched it to wordpress for about a day and I decided to use a .com instead of the whole entire other domain name.

We are now "girly" looking! And easier to remember...

Trapper has been all over the west coast this past week. He's is currently enroute from El Paso, TX to... we'll say... close to Los Angeles, CA. I can't remember the name of the city.

Hopefully, by the week of September 8... well, I'll be writing this from the passenger seat!

Here's the map!

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Wednesday, August 20... Finally There

By Lynette at 11:30 PM

Some days are funny. I get up, Trapper calls he's on the road; I go to bed, Trapper calls... he's still on the road.

The 3 hour time change is a little different. We talked this morning around 11:00 am, it was 8 am on the west coast, 10 am his time. He drove 500 miles today but it's 11:30 pm my time, 10:30 pm his time, and only 8:30 pm in WA.

This may be a little hard for me to get used to. We are getting excited! He delivers 2 places tomorrow and hopefully, quickly, back on the road! He's much happier driving than setting!

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Tuesday, August 19... What Time Zone?

By Lynette at 10:57 PM

Life on the road is bound to be crazy... Trapper's week started yesterday by still driving to CA. He arrived at his destination today, Tuesday, was finally unloaded and reloaded by "whatever time it was." Let's see it was 7:00 pm eastern time, 6:00 pm Central (his time) and 4:00 pm Pacific.. at the place he was delivering. This is so confusing. I know I will mess something up!

I delivered my youngest this past weekend to her new address... she's away now at college. What a change for me! A lot of changes going on. I drove with her to college, spent the whole day, started back into my 4.5 hr drive home and decided to spend the night. I got up Sunday morning, drove the rest of the way home, packed up some stuff, ran to Trapper's (2 hours away), unloaded, reloaded, spent the night and was back in Charlotte, NC on Monday morning at 9:30 am. I was a little late for work, but who's counting... I'll be quitting soon!

I still can't wait to get on the road. Actually, I can't wait to finally be with Trapper. I love talking to him, but after all these months, I'm ready to be there.

He's on the way to Seattle, WA to deliver on Thursday!

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Mid August Review

By Lynette at 11:00 PM

This week is ending on a good note... I just hope I will be able to keep up from the passenger seat.

Trapper had the arm rest put on my seat today while he was in Joplin, MO and he got two new steer tires. Good thing...

A quick map to map out this weeks travels minus the little back and forth from West Memphis, AR to Joplin, MO. I'm only showing it once.

I read in Newsweek where tonnage has been down, however; it showed an increase this past month. Maybe that explains the slower miles or shorter runs, shall I say. They are anticipating slower tonnage for the 4th quarter. Let's hope not. I read a lot of articles referring to too many trucks chasing too little freight. The owner/operators I'm sure are feeling this alot more than the company drivers, but rest assured... everyone is feeling it. Diesel prices have fallen a little. It's sad when we rejoice gas going down to $3.68/gallon! We consider this low??

And this weeks map!

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That was my comment earlier today when Trapper said, "Hey, guess where I'm headed?" My reply, "Where?" His answer, "Back to West Memphis." As fate would have it, He is back in West Memphis, AR and headed for Fairfield, CA to deliver on Tuesday. Here's the fate part... he said, a couple of months ago, that he would be in CA when I had to take my daughter to college! Well... he is! Did he plan this? I don't really think so, it's just funny how things work out.

We're trying to figure out how we're going to get together when he comes to get me. Back and forth in the conversation about it... is he going to highlight and pick me up or maybe we'll just conveniently cross paths. Who knows. I guess it will work out however we decide or he decides, rather.

In the mean time, his house is still in the midst of remodeling, my place looks like a tornado hit it. I'm going to move some things to his house this weekend and then I guess the rest will go at some point in time. I have a lot to do!

I have a new zip code in my future.

Here's the map!

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Wednesday, August 13... Headed to Joplin, MO

By Lynette at 9:04 PM

Trapper left Jackson, TN this morning and DH'd to West Memphis, AR. Dropped a trailer, picked up an empty, and was on his way to get loaded... got loaded and was on the road to Joplin, MO.

I talked to him after I was released from my cubicle this evening and he was sitting at Baskin-Robbins! Well, I thought, that's nice... We've been talking about trying out a new diet and he says, "I'm starting my diet tomorrow, so I thought I'd stop and indulge!" I knew better! When he's under load he doesn't stop for anything!!

Truth is the trailer didn't "feel right" to him while he was driving so he stopped to check it out. This newer trailer has the super singles on it and one was growing a brain... Trapper's words exactly. If you're running super singles on the cab and trailer does that make you a 10-Wheeler? Just doesn't sound right. Maybe everyone should refer to them as "Big Rigs". Counting wheels may get confusing!

Here's today's map!

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Tuesday, August 12... Headed South

By Lynette at 10:39 PM

Today, I'm sure has been a really long day for Trapper. He dropped the load early this morning and crashed out! Then he gets beeped around 8:00 am to pickup a load in Cleveland, OH and deliver it at 5:00 am Wednesday in Jackson, TN. He'll arrive late in Jackson, TN and have to get up early to deliver. Hopefully, he can catch some sleep before he's off to another destination unknown.

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As for me today... just work and still cleaning out things. It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time. I'm a very organized type person and this mess is driving me crazy! I'm almost to the point of saying the heck with it and trashing it all!!!!!!! I keep asking myself, "do you really need this?" Maybe I'm just getting old and tired of moving things around! LOL

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Monday, August 11.... Yes! Back In The States!

By Lynette at 11:25 PM

It was a long day. It didn't start out like usual but about 8:00 pm it was getting back on track! That's right.. Trapper called and was back in the states!!!!!

His trip to Canada was a little uneventful. The delivery place didn't expect him until Tuesday and he kind of (in a nice way) explained that the trailer would be unloaded this morning! Second stop, same company, same experience. It's funny how things do tend to work out nicely!

He is enroute from Canada to Troy, MI and onto Columbus, OH tonight or should I say he has to be there at 2:00 am.

My day was uneventful, still cleaning out and trying to get my 18 year old's butt in gear so we can get her moved this weekend. College = parents = full time job! Getting registered and all the mess that goes with it has been ridiculous!

Where's Trapper?

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Sunday, August 10.... A Phone Call!

By Lynette at 10:44 PM

Trapper finally made it to Canada this afternoon. We had a little confusion on the delivery date so I did get to talk to him up until about 2:30 pm today. That was so cool. International cell phone rates are ridiculous so Trapper = Canada = no talking!

However, he is the most thoughtful man I have ever met and guess what???? He just called!!! It's funny... we are in such a phone routine and we've become each other's sounding board, so although he's not here all the time, he knows exactly what's going on. He offers sounds advice and he always listens. What more could I ask for?

I felt bad for him tonight. He said he felt a little "out of pocket". It's kinda strange, he could be in California... but when he's in Canada it is a little different, even for me. And I'm still in North Carolina!

He manages to keep up with all my stories and never seems to get tired of them. I have my "real job" that I'm always telling something about; my children, and all the things that go on with them (I'm getting ready to send my youngest off to college next weekend); my part time job and 20 adopted kids that I work with there; cleaning out here at home, getting ready to move in to the truck with him, painting and so forth at his house, and yet he never seems to get tired of it. He never tells me to shut-up or anything. He says I have a busy life. It's just life, to me.

The 10 minute phone call a few minutes ago probably cost $30 but, on the selfish side, it was such a surprise and so good to hear his voice. I know he's ok. I like knowing.

And the map....

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Saturday, August 9.... Canada? Crap!

By Lynette at 1:31 AM

Dang! I hate it when he goes to Canada... outrageous international cell phone rates = we don't talk!!!!

It'll be alright, I'm sure of it. So, the load gets dispatched today while he was chillin' in Pa. He decided to spend the night in Syracuse, NY so at least I did get to talk to him for a few minutes this evening.

I went onto my part time job tonight... had a blast, like always, but the weeks do get long at times. I've worked two jobs for the past year, but I do enjoy it, so that helps!

Life is bringing on so many changes all of a sudden. My youngest goes off to college next weekend. That will be a horrible drive home. I've faced some hard times in the past 4-5 years; financially, emotionally, physically... but leaving this person that I have nurtured for all these years, in a strange place, strange faces... it's going to be a challenge. I know parents do it everyday, but for this parent it will be hard.

Trapper is all of a sudden concerned about me getting bored when I join him... I don't think boredom will be a problem. I'll find something to do. I really need to find something that will generate income!! I don't like the thought of being on someone else's payroll. Big adjustment!

I've read a lot of blogs tonight and most of what I've read pertains to the relationship side of this industry. I'll post my thoughts on that subject tomorrow.

Here's the map!

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Friday, August 8... Back to PA

By Lynette at 8:47 PM

As fate would have it... Trapper goes on the board early this morning and is sent right back to where he just came. Back to Pennsylvania. Trucking lanes... I guess you have to love 'em.

I'm glad it's Friday! Horrible day at my real job and a lot of things to get organized and situated. Can't talk long... I have my little task to deal with!

Here's the map... kind of a repeat though.

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Thursday, August 7.... Other Adventures

By Lynette at 11:26 PM

The first road trip came to an end on Saturday around 9:30 am. We made it back to Spartanburg, SC and settled in for a weekend at home.

The house and yard have been ongoing projects for the past few months. I feel like Picasso... I keep trying to stay with neutral colors but somehow keep ending up with bold colors on the walls. The kitchen has been transformed into dark green walls with all my "decorations" around and the hall bath has gone from baby blue to dark brown, linoleum to tile, and I love it!

The house is looking so good! Future plans are to sell it. It's funny... the older I get the less I really need. If the size of a house is what makes me happy, I need to re-evaluate. Combined, we have a lot of stuff. Trapper spent a good part of his time home cleaning out. I spend a good portion of my time cleaning out when he's gone and I'm juggling between two places... two hours apart. It's all coming together nicely though. We make quite the team. I must give us credit... we work well together.

I have decided a two hour commute to work is for the birds. I have been driving back and forth this week from Spartanburg to Charlotte. Roughly 2 hours each way. This is kind of funny... I'm complaining about 225 miles a day... my daily mileage is going to be increased soon!

Trapper's back out on the road starting tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be last long separation. If all goes according to plan I will join him when he comes home the next time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Posted on 10:19 PM

Saturday, August 2... My First Truck Trip!!

By Lynette at 10:19 PM

Wow! What a few last days!

I met Trapper Friday night in Pageland, SC... it was sooooo good to see him!!!! It was strange (in a good way) having him in my "home town". We did the normal kinda stuff; went to eat, stopped by the grocery, and back to the truck.

My first night, in the truck... my first trip was going to be Saturday! I was so excited! We had to deliver at Wal-Mart at 4:00 am on Saturday. 3:00 am the phone alarm goes off. I felt the truck start to move. I didn't want to get in his way or disrupt his routine, so I just laid in the bunk.

We arrived at Wal-Mart and he gets out and does his thing. It was so cool. Trucks coming in and out. A little fella running around in the lot making sure everyone was doing what they were suppose to be doing. I kept wondering what I was suppose to be doing.

First things first... COFFEE! Trapper had already made a pot, so all I had to do was find a cup and start drinking! Then he gets back in truck and just looks at me with this "look" on his face. I think we're both trying to figure out if this is going to work or not. (I know it will.) He's trying really hard to make me comfortable and think of anything and everything he can do to make sure I don't change my mind. Little does he know... there's no way I'm changing my mind!

I did learn a lot though. Women, even as low maintenance as myself, need our stuff with us. I know now what I need to keep in the truck vs. having it stashed underneath. The things we take for granted, I will have to learn to improvise. Creativity101.

My first trip under my belt, I feel so much better. I'm glad I met him and went with him. It'll be a breeze from here on. My first road trip... 12 miles total!!

I'm so excited! I talked to Trapper tonite, finally, and told him plans for tomorrow. We were trying to figure out the fastest way for him to get to Pageland, SC. Well, being that I'm from the area, I was offerring my suggestions. Anyway, he knows he'll be within a couple of miles where I work and I didn't let on... I told him I was going to stick with the original plan and go to his house Friday nite when I get off work. (evil grin!)Which is 2 hours in the opposite direction.

Little does he know, I changed my mind. I mean, he'll be 30 miles from where I live. My luck, because the company has 5 days to get him home, they will send him somewhere else and we'll have 2 hours together over the whole weekend. So, not to miss an opportunity... I'm going to drive to Pageland and surprise him! I'll spend my first night (of many) in the truck. Mark this off my bucket list!

I hope he's surprised. He's always surprising me in little ways, I think it's my turn!