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Thursday, July 31 ... What A Day!

By Lynette at 9:27 PM

Today started just like any other. Trapper calls early in the a.m., I roll out of bed and head to work.

On the way to work my Mom calls and says my Dad is having surgery again today! They just operated on Tuesday. Being that I'm a worry wart and not to mention, I love my Dad dearly, I go to work and leave after just a while. Get to the hospital, Dad's out of surgery, and hopefully everything will be fine now. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Trapper on the other hand is still in Pa. He went ahead and highlighted for home (SC) and is bringing a load to Pageland, SC. A Wal-Mart Dist Center. He couldn't pick up until late this evening, I think he said 9 p.m. and has to deliver on Saturday at 4:00 a.m. All the while we were trying to get together this weekend.

Here is the crazy part. He will be delivering about 30 miles from my house and I will be enroute 2 hours away to his house. This is getting messy. So hopefully, we will finally unite in SC on Saturday! I can't wait to see him.

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By Lynette at 9:55 PM

I decided (with Trapper's encouragement) to start doing some research on living in a truck 24/7 for weeks at a time. There are two subjects that always come up, 1) Diet and 2) Exercise.

Somehow in conversation the idea of rollerblading came up. It must have been his idea... LOL
I thought it sounded feasible... rollerblading at truck stops and rest areas... what the heck?

Today I went on a quest for... you guessed it... ROLLERBLADES.

I visited Toys R' Us, but my feet just weren't small enough.. should have known they didn't have ADULT sizes at a KIDS toy store! Then onto Dick's Sporting Goods. They had plenty, but being the frugal (read "cheap") shopper that I am I wasn't about to pay $70 - $100 for a pair, then I finally ended up at Play It Again Sports.

I walked in, found the rollerblades and fell in LOVE! This cute, almost like new pair was screaming at me, "Pick me! Pick me!" Of course, I did. I slid my foot in and they fit like a glove. I was styling!! I rolled down the aisle, turned around and rolled back. I even stopped and admired them in the mirror! S E X Y!!! Trapper would be proud to be seen with me with these bad boys on my feet!! Purple wheels, shiny, black and purple laces... what more could a girl want? I flipped the shoe around and the price jumped out and bit me! $169.99 WHAT???? I put them down gently and moved away slowly!

A little disappointed... I had to come back to reality and start my search over. I did find a perfectly good pair, they fit just fine, roll around great, and will serve my purpose. I was a little scared to look at the price but surprisingly they were only... $9.99!!! They will be just as loyal to me, I'm sure.

I called Trapper as soon as I left the store to tell him! (We are such kids at heart.) I was so tickled with my new purchase. I get home, ran in the house, changed clothes, and hit the driveway with my $10 rollerblades on my feet!! I was nervous at first, after all, these bones are not as young as they used to be. I held onto the car, truck, and anything I could find at first. Wabbled around and finally made it up and back down the driveway.

Thirty minutes later I was on the couch taking a break!

$ 5.00 = gas to find rollerblades
$10.00 = rollerblades
Me wabbling around (after 8 -9 years of being in a pair) = PRICELESS

My new exercise program... we'll talk about diet later....

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Wednesday, June 30, Tails Pennsylvania!

By Lynette at 2:39 PM

Heads Carolina… Trapper spent the night 30 miles from home last night… so close...

Tails… Pennsylvania wins.

This morning started early… he had to deliver in Greenville, SC (a) at 6:00 am, which he was only a couple of miles from the place, so that worked out. Then he was to pick up in Gaffney, SC (b)at 10:00 am, in the meantime… he calls me to make sure I’m up, goes to Gaffney and stops at a Pilot, does the laundry, takes a shower, and talks to me one more time… all before 9:00 am. “You couldn’t have done it.,” he tells me. Which he was right. I’d probably still be in the shower.

He comes within 20 miles of where I work on his way to Pennsylvania (c)for a delivery in the wee hours of Friday morning. It’s a drop n hook, so hopefully he’ll be able to drop it when he gets there, get an empty trailer and head south???? Let’s hope!

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Tuesday, June 29... Not so lucky....

By Lynette at 9:55 PM

When you least expect a preplan, that's when they actually happen!

Turns out Trapper has been preplanned to drop the load in Greenville, SC and travel about 40 miles to the other load in Gaffney, SC.

The bad part... we won't get to see each other. The worst part... he's going to PA! I live in Charlotte, NC... he'll be in the front yard but we won't be able to play! This is the worst part of all. So close and yet so far. But, he has a job to do. It doesn't keep you from getting disappointed though. He's been on the road for 4 weeks and we did squeeze in one evening when he was in Greenville, NC and I was there with my daughter at East Carolina University. What a surprise that was! He still won't tell me what kind of hoops he had to jump through to pull that trip off!

We're both in a little better mood this evening. That's always nice. I left off the "home" position on the maps from now on. It was confusing, even to me!

Keep your fingers crossed... we still might be able to squeeze in a little time while he's in the Carolina's!

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Tuesday, June 29

By Lynette at 3:33 PM

Trapper’s coming home for a couple of days! Or not! Truck driving is so unpredictable.

He started out just across the border in GA and was sent back to Jacksonville, FL to pick up at 2:00 pm today to be delivered tomorrow morning at 6:00 am in Greenville, SC. Home is reeeeeeally close to Greenville, SC so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Neither of us are in super good moods today. Trapper’s mood is better than mine. Hopefully, if he does make it home we can get some more of the remodeling done at his house, which means I get to fill in wood trim and sand it all! I really don’t mind, I just like to give him a hard time about it.

I’ll be glad when I get on the road with him. For more than one reason, but at least I’ll have something to write about and lots of random pictures!

Here's the map. Going from FL to SC!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

By Lynette at 8:41 PM

Today, I guess was just one of those days... we have two scenario's here... I am stuck in an office and Trapper was stuck in the truck. Where would I rather be? Hmmm.... not a hard question.

Anyway, typical Monday morning... not typical Monday afternoon.... Trapper gets buzzed to pick up a load in Jacksonville, FL (he was delivering there, so that should have worked out, right?)... well... not so... at 7:00 pm he gets the call that the load is unassigned so he makes a command decision. He left Jacksonville and drove just across the state line to Georgia. Enroute, he gets buzzed again... pick up at midnight in Jacksonville, FL and take it to Georgia! WHAT?

Long story short... he was out of hours, for the most part, so he decided to land at a truck stop somewhere in Georgia (just across the state line).

I don't drive or ride, for now, but I really wish someone would inform the dispatchers and/or planners... if it wasn't for the drivers, no one would have a job!

I'm still experimenting with google maps, but the map below will give you some idea of where Trapper is for tonight.

Until tomorrow....

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