Posted on 2:39 PM

Wednesday, June 30, Tails Pennsylvania!

By Lynette at 2:39 PM

Heads Carolina… Trapper spent the night 30 miles from home last night… so close...

Tails… Pennsylvania wins.

This morning started early… he had to deliver in Greenville, SC (a) at 6:00 am, which he was only a couple of miles from the place, so that worked out. Then he was to pick up in Gaffney, SC (b)at 10:00 am, in the meantime… he calls me to make sure I’m up, goes to Gaffney and stops at a Pilot, does the laundry, takes a shower, and talks to me one more time… all before 9:00 am. “You couldn’t have done it.,” he tells me. Which he was right. I’d probably still be in the shower.

He comes within 20 miles of where I work on his way to Pennsylvania (c)for a delivery in the wee hours of Friday morning. It’s a drop n hook, so hopefully he’ll be able to drop it when he gets there, get an empty trailer and head south???? Let’s hope!

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