Posted on 9:55 PM

Tuesday, June 29... Not so lucky....

By Lynette at 9:55 PM

When you least expect a preplan, that's when they actually happen!

Turns out Trapper has been preplanned to drop the load in Greenville, SC and travel about 40 miles to the other load in Gaffney, SC.

The bad part... we won't get to see each other. The worst part... he's going to PA! I live in Charlotte, NC... he'll be in the front yard but we won't be able to play! This is the worst part of all. So close and yet so far. But, he has a job to do. It doesn't keep you from getting disappointed though. He's been on the road for 4 weeks and we did squeeze in one evening when he was in Greenville, NC and I was there with my daughter at East Carolina University. What a surprise that was! He still won't tell me what kind of hoops he had to jump through to pull that trip off!

We're both in a little better mood this evening. That's always nice. I left off the "home" position on the maps from now on. It was confusing, even to me!

Keep your fingers crossed... we still might be able to squeeze in a little time while he's in the Carolina's!