Posted on 3:33 PM

Tuesday, June 29

By Lynette at 3:33 PM

Trapper’s coming home for a couple of days! Or not! Truck driving is so unpredictable.

He started out just across the border in GA and was sent back to Jacksonville, FL to pick up at 2:00 pm today to be delivered tomorrow morning at 6:00 am in Greenville, SC. Home is reeeeeeally close to Greenville, SC so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Neither of us are in super good moods today. Trapper’s mood is better than mine. Hopefully, if he does make it home we can get some more of the remodeling done at his house, which means I get to fill in wood trim and sand it all! I really don’t mind, I just like to give him a hard time about it.

I’ll be glad when I get on the road with him. For more than one reason, but at least I’ll have something to write about and lots of random pictures!

Here's the map. Going from FL to SC!

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