Posted on 8:41 PM

Monday, July 28, 2008

By Lynette at 8:41 PM

Today, I guess was just one of those days... we have two scenario's here... I am stuck in an office and Trapper was stuck in the truck. Where would I rather be? Hmmm.... not a hard question.

Anyway, typical Monday morning... not typical Monday afternoon.... Trapper gets buzzed to pick up a load in Jacksonville, FL (he was delivering there, so that should have worked out, right?)... well... not so... at 7:00 pm he gets the call that the load is unassigned so he makes a command decision. He left Jacksonville and drove just across the state line to Georgia. Enroute, he gets buzzed again... pick up at midnight in Jacksonville, FL and take it to Georgia! WHAT?

Long story short... he was out of hours, for the most part, so he decided to land at a truck stop somewhere in Georgia (just across the state line).

I don't drive or ride, for now, but I really wish someone would inform the dispatchers and/or planners... if it wasn't for the drivers, no one would have a job!

I'm still experimenting with google maps, but the map below will give you some idea of where Trapper is for tonight.

Until tomorrow....

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