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By Lynette at 9:55 PM

I decided (with Trapper's encouragement) to start doing some research on living in a truck 24/7 for weeks at a time. There are two subjects that always come up, 1) Diet and 2) Exercise.

Somehow in conversation the idea of rollerblading came up. It must have been his idea... LOL
I thought it sounded feasible... rollerblading at truck stops and rest areas... what the heck?

Today I went on a quest for... you guessed it... ROLLERBLADES.

I visited Toys R' Us, but my feet just weren't small enough.. should have known they didn't have ADULT sizes at a KIDS toy store! Then onto Dick's Sporting Goods. They had plenty, but being the frugal (read "cheap") shopper that I am I wasn't about to pay $70 - $100 for a pair, then I finally ended up at Play It Again Sports.

I walked in, found the rollerblades and fell in LOVE! This cute, almost like new pair was screaming at me, "Pick me! Pick me!" Of course, I did. I slid my foot in and they fit like a glove. I was styling!! I rolled down the aisle, turned around and rolled back. I even stopped and admired them in the mirror! S E X Y!!! Trapper would be proud to be seen with me with these bad boys on my feet!! Purple wheels, shiny, black and purple laces... what more could a girl want? I flipped the shoe around and the price jumped out and bit me! $169.99 WHAT???? I put them down gently and moved away slowly!

A little disappointed... I had to come back to reality and start my search over. I did find a perfectly good pair, they fit just fine, roll around great, and will serve my purpose. I was a little scared to look at the price but surprisingly they were only... $9.99!!! They will be just as loyal to me, I'm sure.

I called Trapper as soon as I left the store to tell him! (We are such kids at heart.) I was so tickled with my new purchase. I get home, ran in the house, changed clothes, and hit the driveway with my $10 rollerblades on my feet!! I was nervous at first, after all, these bones are not as young as they used to be. I held onto the car, truck, and anything I could find at first. Wabbled around and finally made it up and back down the driveway.

Thirty minutes later I was on the couch taking a break!

$ 5.00 = gas to find rollerblades
$10.00 = rollerblades
Me wabbling around (after 8 -9 years of being in a pair) = PRICELESS

My new exercise program... we'll talk about diet later....


BJ on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 9:11:00 PM EDT  

I like the idea! I have been struggling for some time with how I am going to continue losing weight while on the road! I will have to try this!

btw...thanks for linking to me!! my blog address has changed though.... go to

Lynette on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 9:39:00 PM EDT  

Thanks BJ for the headsup on your changed address. I started following a few blogs when Trapper and I decided that I needed to ride with him and yours was one of them.

Let me know how your exercise program goes! I practiced again tonight in the driveway! LOL