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Thursday, August 7.... Other Adventures

By Lynette at 11:26 PM

The first road trip came to an end on Saturday around 9:30 am. We made it back to Spartanburg, SC and settled in for a weekend at home.

The house and yard have been ongoing projects for the past few months. I feel like Picasso... I keep trying to stay with neutral colors but somehow keep ending up with bold colors on the walls. The kitchen has been transformed into dark green walls with all my "decorations" around and the hall bath has gone from baby blue to dark brown, linoleum to tile, and I love it!

The house is looking so good! Future plans are to sell it. It's funny... the older I get the less I really need. If the size of a house is what makes me happy, I need to re-evaluate. Combined, we have a lot of stuff. Trapper spent a good part of his time home cleaning out. I spend a good portion of my time cleaning out when he's gone and I'm juggling between two places... two hours apart. It's all coming together nicely though. We make quite the team. I must give us credit... we work well together.

I have decided a two hour commute to work is for the birds. I have been driving back and forth this week from Spartanburg to Charlotte. Roughly 2 hours each way. This is kind of funny... I'm complaining about 225 miles a day... my daily mileage is going to be increased soon!

Trapper's back out on the road starting tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be last long separation. If all goes according to plan I will join him when he comes home the next time. Keep your fingers crossed.


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