Posted on 1:21 AM

Funny Things

By Lynette at 1:21 AM

This is what worries me about bridges. Typically these trucks are 13' 6" tall... notice the truck in the picture... notice the space between the trailer and the bridge... notice the state sign that says the bridge height is 13' 8".... I was getting nervous until I saw how much space the other truck had.

The largest cross I've ever seen. Actually, I have seen only 3 of these across the USA...

Most all companies put "seals" on the trailers when we leave the dock with a shipment. Typically they are small plastic zip-tie looking things and then Trapper will put a padlock on the trailer. Evidentally, these cargo trailers are much different! The guard had to take a saws-all looking tool to cut this off the trailer so they could open the doors! And yes, he had his safety face shield on.

We ran out of paper towels so I asked Trapper to get some from the restroom in the truck stop and I would too. We were in a hurry and we didn't have time to stop and buy a roll... it's easier to use the ones in the restroom. We both return to the truck... I pull out my stack and he pulls out his.... I laughed until I cried.... his is on the left... mine is on the right...

The difference in men and women? He says no, that I'm just anal about things. I though it was funny. Actually I was really glad he remembered to grab a few!

You have to have a sense of humor out here!