On the way through North Dakota, we entered a small town named Rugby. I also noticed a state marker sign boasting to be the "Geographical Center of North America."

Today I finally had a chance to look this up on the internet and I am proud to know that I have now been to the geographical center of North America. I will strike it off my bucket list!

It is an interesting story, but too long for me to type... check it out at http://roadsideamerica.com/

We were dispatched early this morning to go to Fargo, ND to pick up a load of sugar that will be delivered in Salisbury, NC on Monday morning. S-w-e-e-t 1300 mile trip (no pun intended). We were dead headed 354 miles from Minot, ND to Fargo, ND.

The temperature was COLD, to me, which equates to about 32 degrees to everyone else. We are empty, the wind is howling, and it is sleeting... As much as I talk about snow, you'd think I love it. I do love it when I'm walking in it. Ice, really scares me. If I were in NC right now, living my old life, I would be going back to bed because I would not be out in the mess.

However; I love this life, and I will don my jacket and boots and push through it. Today will take us through ND and probably to the east side of MN. This is going to be a tight trip because of pick up and delivery times so I already know we'll be pushing our legal hours.

Good Morning picture from Minot, ND... you can laugh now. I'm from the south! This snow/ice stuff makes me nervous!!

I will never get tired of these windmills. The rain/sleet/snow had stopped by this part of the trip, and although Minnesota has lovely landscape, the ride is horrible. I know there will be bumps but I-94 is what the pioneers must have endured on the wagon trains.

We bounced for a solid 200 miles. I had to stop and wonder what exactly the state does with the tolls they collect. They have awesome rest areas... maybe that is it!

In my 10 weeks on the road, I've never had a day that I wanted out of this truck so bad! And it wasn't just me... Trapper jumped into his Mountain Man character with all the whip sounds and yee-hawing! I think he was having fun with it. Maybe he saw the look of distress in my eyes!

Once we were relieved of the I-94 adventure.... we stopped and called it a day! Never a dull moment!

Until tomorrow~