Posted on 11:11 PM

Sun, Mar 1.... Home Sweet... Texas

By Lynette at 11:11 PM

We decided today, upon arriving in Laredo, TX, maybe we should find a small house here... we'd be home more! But, coming to TX is good... it's typically the warmest place and we know our way around. And after this 1600 mile run... anything that looks familiar seems like home. We dodged the tornadoes in AL and looks like we've dodged the snow! (for now)

As we sit here, number 19 on the board, I thought I'd share some fun things that I have taken pictures of these past 6 months living on the road.... you never know what you might see....

New Hire?

This is what happens when everyone is governed 2-3 mph apart...
Two grown men... and the two year old is doing all the work!
The driver didn't realize he could not drive straight through here. He'd been driving for two weeks and now was completely stuck... nose in...
At 11,000 feet... the air gets sucked out of everything!
Except for the Pringles... I thought the seal was going to pop!
A little weird... speed limit 9.85
A little extreme...
And finally... due to me always hitting my head when I stand up in the cab... my new safety equipment.
Every day is something different....


LoreJean on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 12:08:00 AM EDT  

lol the "new equiptment" I hit my head each time I head to the "kitchen" lol hubby has had to replace that light cover already ...ooops!