Posted on 10:57 PM

Thurs, Mar 19 .... A Bit Stressful...

By Lynette at 10:57 PM

Today is Thursday, March 19. I have to remind myself at times...

Trapper's mother had major back surgery today. This is one thing with being in the trucking industry, you miss things because nothing is guaranteed and you can't always be where you need to be... and especially when you need to be. Trapper's sister is with her and other family members and by all reports... she is doing as well as expected. (Please remember them all in your prayers.)

We spent the night last night at the famous IOWA80 truck stop! I can mark that off my "bucket list". The truck stop is billed as being the largest in the world with 800 parking places. That's a lot of asphalt!

For the drivers, it has the basics... showers, tv room, game room and then it has a chiropractor, barber, movie theatre, shoe shiner, a gift shop a, a truck museum and the list goes on. If it is made for a truck... this truck stop has it.

Yesterday, leaving Corydon, IA... well... we're winding our way around a 13'3" bridge on this "truck route" and low and behold... we see the LOCHNESS MONSTER! I, of course, yell "Stop!" I have got to take a picture of this!!!
I know everyone thinks the Lochness Monster is the imagination running wild, but it's not... it's alive and well in Corydon, IA!
That's all the excitement from yesterday.
Today we have driven absolutely as many miles as our 11 hours will let us. We are both exhausted. And normally the truck idling doesn't bother me at all, but tonight I'm glad it is quiet.
Tomorrow will end our run to PA... we have a little of the trip to finish in the morning and we'll be on the board! Waiting on the load.