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Monday, Sept 15... Post Traumatic Syndrome

By Lynette at 3:36 PM

We were at the delivery place, we spent the night in the parking lot, so we were on time. Coffee was brewing, a couple of other drivers came in the lot and we were chit chatting. All was going well. We found the shipping office and found the dock….The infamous Dock 45 ...A blind back... in between a parked trailer and tractor and trailer.

The Louisiana evil forces showed up again… Trapper explains that he can’t see on either side and needs for me to get out and help direct and keep him from hitting either the rig or trailer on either side of us. Now, remember... I was in a cubicle 8 days ago. This was another “refrigerator” moment. After a few attempts, he gets me positioned where he wanted me and the guy in the dock helped a little too. It was a memorable moment (LOL) and he docked perfectly.

I finished up my Qualcomm messages… "arrived at customer, checked in with customer, at dock…" we get unloaded and then we get the preplan for Taylor, MI. We had to drive 8 miles to pick up the load… what a breeze… or so I thought…

I perfectly navigated us to the WRONG location. The place I directed us was in the directions to be used as a landmark. We should have turned right, not enter!! I will be so glad to get out of Louisiana! Louisiana is not my friend.

We made it to the right shipper (finally) and we are en route to Taylor, MI. Every time we hit a bump, go over a bridge, and just road interference in general… I cringe. I hear noises in the back and look on the floor for the fridge!

Luckily we’re in Alabama now. I left the Louisiana evil forces behind us….


CRAIG and DIANE on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 11:53:00 AM EDT  

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it and get used to all those noises and crashes that happen while on what the states call Interstates/Highways, but what I call "teeth rattling/jarring roads". You'll also get real good at helping to back up in those all too tiny dock spaces. Craig and I use our cells to communicate, his hands free of course. It works like a charm and we have even impressed quite a few people with our techniques. Also, I use several mapping programs to be sure to get Craig to the proper location. Google Earth is a great tool to be able to see what is in store as far as docks and space when going to an unfamilar location. Keep having fun out there and keep a positive attitude!