Posted on 12:25 PM

Sunday, Sept 14... Truck Stop Living

By Lynette at 12:25 PM

We spent the night in Hammond, LA along with a lot of folks that are being sent to the LA and TX coast to help with the Hurricane Ike aftermath.

As we left MS, yesterday, we saw several convoys on the interstate of power, tree, and communication trucks. There were also the occasional Red Cross truck and flatbeds hauling everything from generators to telephone poles.

Today started great. Everything was going well; although, we had been at the truck stop for longer than either of us wanted to be. We were 25 miles from our delivery point, but again, we don’t deliver until Monday at 9 am. Trapper played around on the computer, I cleaned house, we went in the truck stop to shower, and then we did laundry. We got the truck back in order and I started dinner. Being very satisfied with my daily accomplishments and knowing that I had everything secure in the cab, I sat down and starting playing around taking pictures.

Trapper decided it was time to leave and go over to our delivery place and I agreed… this was when the Louisiana Evil Forces jumped in the cab with us.... continued on the next post....