Posted on 6:18 PM

Mon., Nov 10 .... Going to the Big D!!

By Lynette at 6:18 PM

Another Monday Laredo.... There is so much freight that comes through Laredo it is unreal.
We left the yard at 7:00 a.m. and drove over to the broker where this load will ultimately make it's way to Mexico.

A quick stop at Speedco to get our fuel filter changed and greased, stopped for breakfast at Danny's, and onto Wal-Mart for a few groceries... we're back at the terminal.

We've moved up to number 19 on the board. It seems to take awhile to get the freight out of Mexico, through customs, and here at the yard. We were watching loads coming in, so they should be moving out quickly.

I decided to shower while we are still here, Trapper's napping (he knows we'll be driving all night, if we get dispatched) and of course... the qualcomm doesn't go off until you are out of the truck, so I'm sure we'll be dispatched out tonight...

Of course we were dispatched. Trapper was back in the truck about 10 minutes and beep beep goes off. Qualcomm law states.... you will not get dispatched while you are in the truck waiting... you must exit the truck and go do something... when you return you will get dispatched!

Looks like we're headed to Dallas, TX to deliver on Tuesday morning at 5:00 am.

Time to get ready to go... make sure everything is secure and directions for where you're going. Answer all the qualcomm messages and send a couple of messages.... finally... you will be rolling.

I took this picture as we were getting on I35 leaving Laredo, TX... a lot of freight comes out of Laredo, TX.