Posted on 5:31 PM

Tues., Nov 11.... WHERE are We Going??

By Lynette at 5:31 PM

Just point us in the direction of the freight....

We delivered this morning in Dallas, TX and we were dead headed to Wichita, KS (dead head... you're running empty but getting paid for it) around 8:00 am. Ok, not too bad. I sat the map and gps.

About 100 miles down the interstate, we were sent a message to go to Kansas City, MO instead of Wichita. Ok.... reset the map and gps.

About 20 miles down the road, we were sent a message to go to Kansas City, KS to pick up a load that will be delivered in Esmond, ND on Thursday. OK.... do the maps again!

What a day already!!!! If you were running solo, you'd have to drive, read messages, figure your hours to make sure you could take the load, and set the maps. Some qualcomm's are set were you can't use it while the truck is rolling (for safety reasons, obviously.)

I had just told Trapper a few days ago that I wanted to go "where they measure snow in feet NOT inches!" I was only kiddin'.... I just read the email from my mom saying, "I hope you guys don't have to go to ND!" Oh gosh... here we go to ND. Be careful what you wish for... it might come true!

Before I started riding, I told Trapper I wanted to go the Gulf Coast and to Canada. Within the first month... we were at the Gulf Coast dodging hurricanes and Canada... twice... east coast to west..! Maybe I'll wish us to the Bahamas!

This trip will add two more states to my list. This is my 9th week and I've been in 37 states. We have covered some ground together.

I left TX yesterday with shorts and flip flops on... it was 90 degrees... the truck says it's 48 degrees (here in Kansas) and the high in Esmond, ND is 27 degrees for today. I'll be proud of these snow boots! I think I will put the flip flops up for a few days! The irony behind the boots is that I've never needed a pair of shoes for the snow or cold. I hate jackets, typically I don't wear them, and shorts are my favorite attire. My friends will get a kick out of this.

Today has taken us through TX, OK, KS, MO, and we'll stop just barely into IA. I29 runs right through the edges of these states... keeping up with where we are is a trick. I've noticed the midwestern and western states have silhouettes of the state on the state hiway signs... I've also realized I DON'T recognize some of the states shapes. Sad....

We found the place in Kansas City, KS and picked up our loaded trailer. We made it straight there and straight out! No navigational hazards!!

Here are a couple of pictures for today. The stadium in Dallas... "Home of the Cowboys" and Oklahoma City, OK. Maybe we'll see a little snow tomorrow!