Posted on 12:14 AM

Thurs, Nov 20.... Corporate Waste and Nature

By Lynette at 12:14 AM

We were in Nashville, TN this morning before I realized the truck was moving.

I managed to sleep through driving out of the truck stop, onto the interstate, and from Lebanon, TN to Nashville, TN. I opened my eyes, only because the truck was slowing down and the engine gets loud, and saw a Schneider Truck (the big orange ones) next to us and thought we were at a weigh station.... we were in rush hour traffic! Good Morning Nashville.

Slowly getting motivated... I managed to make it to my co-pilot seat and got settled in for the days run. Our appointment today is at 5:00 pm and we're taking it easy. Illinois makes your day longer.... 55 mph for trucks. Yippee!

We received a qualcomm message regarding a $20 receipt for lumpers on our last load. The company wasn't going to reimburse the charge... it was "unauthorized". On our end, it was necessary so we could get the load unloaded and get the paperwork back so we could send it to CFI so they (CFI) could collect their money for the load...

At this time we've received two qualcomm messages regarding this $20 and according to the last message there are four people involved in trying to "approve" this reimbursement.... CFI's payroll clerk had to talk to the CSR... who has to talk to the shipper... who has to talk to the lumper company... and then the messages have to take a reverse course and then "maybe" will get a call.... and find out if we'll be reimbursed or not.... and we wonder why the Auto Industry Big Wigs flew in on their private jets to beg for money?????? Why not spend thousands vs. hundreds....

I'll get off my "corporate waste" soap box....

We decided to forgo showers and go on to our delivery early. Arriving at 1:30 pm... turns out it was a drop and hook. Worked out perfectly for us... after we sent the unloaded call, we were immediately dispatched to Effingham, IL to pick up a load by 6:00 pm and deliver in Opelousas, LA on Saturday at 9:00 am.

Leaving Effingham, we're both already tired and knowing that we'll be pushed on this load, we're driving late tonight. Trapper and I were talking about the reaction time and distance it takes to stop this truck. The discussion came up due to idiotic drivers that think you can stop on a dime.

Anyway, driving I-55S, I'm settled in my seat and my mind is wandering... I look up and see a huge figure on the shoulder of the interstate, poised at the white line like a track runner waiting for the start gun.... I mutter... "Ahhh deer." Trapper says, "What's wrong?" I repeat myself a little louder, "DEER". By this time the deer has decided we would win the competition and turned back to the woods. Trapper applies the brakes all the while saying, "Where, where?" I said, "It's gone now."

The conversation went on for a minute... Trapper being a hunter, of course, the first question was, "Was it a buck or doe?" It's funny how a woman can say one thing and a man hears something totally different. Trapper thought I said, "Oh dear!" and he was questioning what I had forgotten or what had happened... Dear vs Deer??????

We're stopping in Missouri tonight and we're both ready to stop... never a dull moment!