Posted on 3:16 PM

Sat, Dec 13... Caught Up Now....

By Lynette at 3:16 PM

The load we picked up in Paltaka, FL has to be in Martinsville, IL on Friday morning... bright and early.

Our trip started fine... hating to leave the warm weather behind, but at the same time, being glad to get out of Florida... we get caught in all the really bad thunderstorms that were rollin' through the south that afternoon and evening.

Now, thunderstorms tend to make me nervous.... I'm looking on to see where the worst of the storms are and wouldn't you know... the next interstate sign I see... well... we were entering the city where the worst of the storms were...

As we're making our way through these torrential down pours and me keeping a keen eye to the sky... I hear this strange loud noise that came from the drivers seat.

I turn my head quickly, just in time to catch a glimpse of the steering wheel rising abruptly and Trapper's hands at the 3 and 9 position. He had a little funny look on his face... my only thought was... " Oh my gosh! The steering wheel has come off!! "

For that split second I was wishing our cab had one of those "In Case Of Emergency Check Sleeper" or "Passenger on Board"... I just knew we were done. In my mind, for all of 1/2 second... he was holding the steering wheel in his hands.

Realizing, very quickly, he had released the telescopic feature on the steering shaft... I felt like an idiot, but it took my mind off of the storms.

We delivered our load in Martinsville, IL
on Friday and we were dispatched to
St. Louis, MO to pick up at the
Anheuser-Busch brewery at 10:00 p.m.
Friday night.

St. Louis, at night, is so interesting looking... it's on the list of places to take a couple of days and visit! The Anheuser-Busch plant, which took up blocks of the city, is also on the wish list of visits.

I was tempted to take pictures, but it seems everytime I get that camera in my hands... someone in a uniform shows up!

With our 46,000 pound of beer being ready, we dropped our empty trailer, found our loaded trailer, and headed to Little Rock, AR. The delivery time was 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Driving all night is not a favorite of Trapper's, especially when he had to force himself to sleep during the day so he could stay up all night.

We are spending our Saturday at a Pilot Truck Stop or should I say... Pilot Travel Center... in Little Rock, AR. Trapper is engrossed in a movie and I'm watching the parade of trucks come through the parking lot.

It's going to be a lazy Saturday!