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Fri... Jan 1... A New Year!

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My month at home has come to an end now and I'm actually looking forward to returning to my home away from home!

The Christmas holiday's were a hoot around here. Trapper made it home on the 23rd. He was highlighted and sitting 50 miles from home but it took a little coercing to get the company to go ahead and dispatch him home. On the way to the house, the qualcomm beeps 4 times and the message was to take the trailer 100 miles east, drop it, and bobtail home. WHAT????

His mom, who has a passenger pass, was here at the house so I took her.... hauled butt down the interstate, and met him on the shoulder! She had never riden with him so the 200 mile trip was an experience for her! I told her she could mark it off her bucket list!

We had a house full for Christmas.... Trapper's mom and son and then my two children came down. My parents came down a couple of days after Christmas and spent the day with us.

We are very blessed to have the family we have.

My mother climbed up in the truck and was kinda amazed looking when she realized we had only one bunk! We had to have the top one taken out and a shelf put in. We needed the room.

Everyone seems amazed that we both can live and survive in such a small place. At times, we are surprised and impressed both!

It does actually take a lot of patience and the ability to adapt to change in order to survive living on the road. This lifestyle would not be for everyone.

So we will be headed back out, together, on Sunday morning. Being stuck without a trailer won't be the ideal situation but I'm sure the company will find us one somewhere close!