Trapper is slowly but surely making his way home. He left IL this morning and is delivering in SC on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully he'll be home Wednesday afternoon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I left on Monday afternoon to go see my family in Charlotte, NC. As I talked to Trapper he was routing himself around a wreck with a fatality.

This afternoon I caught a snippet of the news and there was a sandstorm in Arizona that claimed 4 people, due to the wrecks involved and as I talked to Trapper he was, again, sitting in traffic on I-24 just before Chattanooga, TN with an accident that involved a fatality. A van had crossed the median and hit an 18-wheeler head-on. Who do you think won?

I was driving down I-85S today in South Carolina, returning home from North Carolina and was behind what could have been a horrible scene. Something blew out on a vehicle in the front and all of a sudden all I saw were brake lights. Vehicles had been running "in a pack" with a couple of big trucks and I had just backed off. I get really uncomfortable when cars are bunched up together.

Being that I have been in the seat of a truck and I see, first hand, what 4-wheelers do (and don't do) I have to wonder what will it take for them to understand how to drive? Do people go brain dead when they get behind the wheel of a car?

Long before I ever rode in a truck, my daughter and I were almost (killed, hurt, run off the road) in an accident on I-40W. I was in the driver's blind spot. I looked up, realized he could not see me, and the next thing I knew he was coming over. Luckily, there was no one behind me so I slammed the brakes on and he was able to get over in the lane safely.

However; I am a very caucious driver. I was then. I simply wasn't going fast enough and the timing was off. I was crusin' right in his blind spot... just behind his driver's door. He did not see me, period. And it was my fault.

There are at least 6 families that are getting horrific news either yesterday or today. Right at the holidays. Is there a worst time? It's never a good time. Do you think these truck drivers that were involved with today's accidents are sleeping well tonight? I doubt it. I know we wouldn't be if we had been involved in a wreck that killed someone today.

My point is... tell your family to drive safely, but mean it. Tell them how to drive safely. At times, mechanical things are going to happen to someone's vehicle and the vehicle will be out of control... but what I've seen is more driver stupidity. Tell your family and loved ones to ... stay away from the big trucks!!!! Give the big trucks... big room!

A lot of the country is covered with snow right now. White out conditions, you typically see coming... sand storms... you see coming.... heavy rain... you see coming... slow down.... don't drive into a storm at 70 mph... and move away from the big trucks....

Please drive safe this Christmas Season! Your family and friends want to see you at their house, not the morgue or funeral home.