Posted on 10:24 PM

Thurs... Dec 16... Just a Few More Days!

By Lynette at 10:24 PM

As I've mentioned in previous post, I've been home since the middle of November AND I am ready to get back on the road! Poor Trapper, he would probably appreciate a break... well, he'll get one when he gets here for Christmas.

He calls and tells me what's going on and how pretty everything is and I miss it! I know, two months of being back on the road, I'll be ready to come home! He said today that last night he had a bottle of water stuck between the mattress and the wall of the sleeper (3" from his head) and it was frozen solid this morning! I just laughed. I know the bunk heater works but the inside walls of the cab do get cold! (click the read more below)
This week's run hasn't been too bad, he says. Dispatched a little fast for the snowy conditions (49-52 mph) and an occasional two-lane road.... but he's been delivering gun safes to small businesses in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and now he is finally dropping the last one tomorrow in Minnesota. Hopefully they will head him to South Carolina soon!

This week (and a couple of days from last week)

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