Posted on 2:02 PM

Thurs, Nov 6... Where Are We??

By Lynette at 2:02 PM

This is crazy! Going to bed before we stopped last night has messed me up! I wake up, peer out the window and don't have a clue where we are! Talk about disoriented!

Trapper's still asleep, so I slip out and go into the store. We were stopped at an old country store. I walked in, looked around, found the restroom and wandered back out in to the store. I got coffee and had to ask where I was! The clerks looked at me kinda wide-eyed! Then one spoke up and told me I was in Etheridge, TN.

Ok, great, at least I know where I am!!

Back to the truck, coffee in hand, Trapper's up and we're moving again. We have to deliver at 10 a.m. We find the place with no problem, get unloaded, and then we have to find a place to park so we can sit and wait on our next dispatch.

We're obviously in an Amish area.... We saw several horse and buggies tied to the light post and going down the streets. This sparked a whole conversation regarding the Amish.

You have to wonder if they don't have the right idea! (My daughter told me if you click on these pictures... you can see a large picture, Thanks Sam!)

Our dispatch came and now we're headed to White Bluff, TN. It's only 83 miles and the Streets and Maps and our Garmin GPS have two different ideas on how we should go. We're going to choose the way with the largest roads!

It's 2:30 pm when we received the preplan and we don't pick up until tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. We're going to head on over today though. According to the truck stop book, there are only two medium truck stops in that area. If you don't arrive early, you'll be looking for a parking lot or wide spot.

Ok, so... wide spot in the road will be the stopping place for tonight. The truck stops are full. Mediums should be called Large Small. The one we drove through was tiny. Truck stops are really not that abundant. Til tomorrow.....