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Mon... Jan 18, 2010.... My 200th Post

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January 18, 2010 and I am making my 200th post! I can't believe I've written so much! Some day I'm going to spend weeks reading this and remembering the fun (most of the time) that we have had out here.

My 200th post is going to be dedicated to the folks that read this blog (and others) to decide if trucking would be for them.....

Trucking might be for you if.....

  • you can sit in your walk-in closet for an entire weekend.
  • you can handle NOT taking a shower every day.
  • you can read a map.
  • you can drive 600 - 650 miles a day within 11 eleven hours.
  • you don't mind sitting for very very long hours.
  • you don't mind crazy people slamming their brakes on... in front of you!
  • you don't mind extreme climate changes.
  • you are not totally dependent on your GPS.
  • you don't want to pay rent and utilities. (some people don't have a physical address)
  • you like the hermit lifestyle currently.
  • you don't like being around humans or having interactions with humans.
  • you like a change of scenery... every hour.
  • you can back a trailer.
  • you can handle wearing the same clothes a couple of days in a row.
  • you can handle being away from your family.
  • you understand that not many people care where you've been or what you've done.
  • you understand everyone else's life goes on while you're on the road.
  • you can understand the "70 hour rule".
  • you are not high maintenance.
  • you don't require your t-shirts ironed.
  • you can figure out how to keep all your "business affairs" in order.
  • you can manage to not drink or smoke dope for weeks on end. (no, mom... this is not a problem for us, but it is for some people that we've crossed path's with! LOL)
  • you if you don't need contstant entertaining.
  • you can live in one time zone, run a log in another, and deliver in yet another and be on time!

  • you like the potential to make as much money (solo 1-2 yrs.) as a school teacher (in SC) with a bachelor's degree and 25 YEARS service!

I think the last reason is the main reason most people subject themselves to this industry and this lifestyle. It's still funny to me.... this job is classified as "unskilled" labor.

Fellow drivers/riders are reading the list laughing to themselves (you know it's all true) and future drivers are thinking that I'm crazy!

I look forward to the next 200 posts!