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Wed... Jan 20... Coffee-Mate Crush

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This is what happens when the Coffee-Mate bottle gets stuck under one of the front seats. The seats are "air-ride" so with every bump.... it gets lower, lower, lower!

Yesterday we left Rocky Mt, NC and headed towards Greensboro, NC. We're really kind of messed up right now because we only have a very limited number of hours on our 70 ours. I think we are down to 2 hours. Where can you go in 2 hours.... not far!
We spent Tuesday sitting at K-Mart Dist in Greensboro, NC. We picked up our trailer around midnight and headed out to Roanoke, VA around 3:30 a.m. Arriving in Roanoke, VA at 6:00 a.m., I decided it was time to say goodnight.

According to Trapper it took them 3 hours to unload us. The K-Mart store unloads by hand and the trailer was full... We are stopped now just outside Roanoke in the pouring rain. Laundry, clean house, and lunch were all that was on the agenda for today. Hopefully we'll be dispatched after midnight.... we gain a good many hours at midnight. These little shuffle runs are enough to drive a person insane.... maybe we will actually go somewhere this time!