Posted on 11:56 PM

Wed... Jan 13... Where's the Snow????

By Lynette at 11:56 PM

We arrived at our logistics place in Savannah, GA at 2:30 a.m. We were, like always, 30 minutes early for our pick-up. Trapper slept most of the evening due to the fact he would have to drive all night.

Of course, when he walked back out to the truck and asked me to check the qualcomm to ensure we had written down the right order #.... we both new something wasn't going to be right with this load.

And guess what! We were correct! There was NO paperwork nor was there a load going to Rome, NY.... nothing.... nada..... the poor guard looked the guard shack over for the paperwork. A call to dispatch was unproductive, so we headed back to the truck stop and to send a quick "free form" message.

The qualcomm said it was to be a live load, but the place was actually closed. The employee's didn't come in to work until 7 a.m. My typing skills and interpersonal skills.... that's right... he dictated and I typed.... "Shipper has no record of load, they open at 7 a.m., will continue sitting at truck stop until advised further."

That sounded professional, huh? I finally went to sleep around 4 a..m. and poor Trapper stayed up, reading. He slept all afternoon... sleep was not on his agenda.

Finally, around 8 a.m. the qualcomm buzzed us to return to the shipper. As much as I wanted to blame someone on the night shift, it wasn't their fault this time. The clerk that transports the bills to the guard shack at night had "dropped" a couple of bill of ladings and our load was one of them! How cool was that? Lucky us... wish I could pick the right lottery numbers!

We hooked up, it was a drop n hook, not a live load and headed north. I really wanted to see some snow and I figured I would about the time we crossed into Virginia. Here's all I could find, so far.

I'm sure as we trek northward toward NY I will find some more.

Truck driving and flexibility must go hand and in hand!